I'm Cat. I love photos. I love snapshots, polaroids, phone pics, old black and whites, your grandma's solemn faced wedding photos, naff 80's embarrassing-me-in-my-knitted-dungarees-pics, stuck on the fridge crusty with allsorts pics...

Eight years ago my family clubbed together and booked me on a photography course as a surprise, turns out i love taking photos even more than i love looking at them. I've never looked back. I'm insanely lucky that i get to capture moments in time and turn memories into keepsakes.

Other things i love (in no particular order) are my husband and kids, books, my friends, wine, fairy lights, mercury glass, the Lake District, Daryl from Walking Dead, and wine. Also wine.

I'm rubbish at sending cards. i am 87% vegetarian, and I can't do percentages. I have the WORST taste in music, ask anyone. If you can forgive me for loving Dolly Parton and you think i might be the girl to capture your memories, i would love to hear from you xxx